HoloWeb is a visualized end-to-end database management and development platform based on Hologres. It is applicable to scenarios such as database management, database access, data development, data analysis, and performance analysis and diagnostics. This topic describes HoloWeb and its development and O&M features.

Background information

Hologres is an all-in-one real-time data warehouse service that allows you to write data in real time, analyze and process petabytes of data with high concurrency and low latency, and perform point queries with ultra-high QPS performance. Hologres is seamlessly integrated with MaxCompute. It supports accelerated data queries and is compatible with the PostgreSQL ecosystem. You can use Business intelligence (BI) tools that you are most familiar with to perform multi-dimensional analysis and insights as well as business exploration on large amounts of data to suit your needs of data warehouse analysis and service integration.

HoloWeb enables Hologres databases to be managed and developed in a visualized manner. It has the following advantages over development tools in the PostgreSQL ecosystem:
  • Simple operations

    HoloWeb provides a visualized interface so that you can perform big data development without the need to compile SQL statements. Simple operations can help significantly reduce the learning costs for big data development.

  • High compatibility with Hologres

    Hologres provides powerful data warehouse capabilities, including importing data from foreign tables, uploading local files, visually tuning execution plans, and viewing slow query logs. HoloWeb is highly compatible with Hologres and provides a visualized interface to implement the features of Hologres.

  • End-to-end development and O&M

    HoloWeb provides end-to-end development and O&M features such as IP address whitelists and resource isolation to meet enterprise-level requirements without the need to separately build a development interface.

HoloWeb consists of the following modules:
  • Metadata Management

    The Metadata Management module allows you to manage Hologres objects, including instances, databases, schemas, tables, and views. You can connect to Hologres instances on the Metadata Management page, and create objects within instances, create internal and foreign tables, and import data. You can also manage and edit instance objects.

  • SQL Editor

    The SQL Editor module of HoloWeb provides a standard SQL development interface. You can use standard PostgreSQL statements for development. You can also view the execution plans and analysis results of SQL statements to facilitate diagnostics and optimization.

  • Diagnostics and Optimization

    The Diagnostics and Optimization module provides instance-level O&M management capabilities. You can query slow query logs and active queries and manage connections in this module. You can also diagnose instance exceptions based on the metrics in the console. This improves automated O&M capabilities.

  • Data Solution

    The Data Solution module provides data access capabilities. You can upload files from your computer and import data from foreign tables in a visualized manner without the need to execute SQL statements. This reduces the learning costs and simplifies operations.

  • Security Center

    The Security Center module provides end-to-end security management capabilities, including user authorization, IP address whitelists, and resource groups. You can manage the security of your instances in HoloWeb to meet the requirements for end-to-end O&M and management.