You can execute the ALTER DATABASE statement to modify a database. This topic describes how to use the ALTER DATABASE statement.


ALTER DATABASE <dbname> SET configuration_parameter { TO | = } { value | DEFAULT }
ALTER DATABASE <dbname> SET configuration_parameter FROM CURRENT
ALTER DATABASE <dbname> RESET configuration_parameter
The following table describes the parameters in the statement.
Parameter Description
configuration_parameter The parameter to be modified.
value The value of the parameter after the modification.
DEFAULT Specifies to set the parameter to the default value.
RESET Specifies to reset the parameter.
RESET ALL Specifies to reset all the parameters of the database.
SET FROM CURRENT Specifies to save the value of the parameter in the current session as the database-specific value.


In the following example, the time zone of a database is set to UTC+08:00, which is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT):

ALTER DATABASE postgres SET timezone='GMT-8:00';