Global Accelerator (GA) uses stable Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) lines and the congestion-free global network of Alibaba Cloud to accelerate Internet-facing applications. GA can reduce network latency, network jitters, and packet loss when your business system is deployed across regions for global users. Users can access your business system by connecting to the nearest access points worldwide. GA ensures the high availability and high performance of web applications.

GA overview–the Alibaba Cloud International site

GA assigns an accelerated IP address to each region in an acceleration area. Clients in these regions can connect to the access point that is closest to the clients through the accelerated IP address. The access point receives client requests and forwards the requests to the Alibaba Cloud global network. GA then automatically selects routes to distribute client requests to the optimal endpoints. This helps avoid network congestion and reduce network latency. You can specify Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Classic Load Balancer (CLB) instances, Application Load Balancer (ALB) instances, Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, Alibaba Cloud public IP addresses, custom IP addresses, or custom domain names as the endpoints of GA.

You can purchase cross-border acceleration bandwidth plans for GA. This allows you to accelerate content delivery between regions in the Chinese mainland and regions outside the Chinese mainland.


Component Description
Acceleration area The area where you want to accelerate content delivery. The following acceleration areas are supported: China North, China South, China East, China Southwest, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and Middle East.

To accelerate content delivery in a specific area, you must specify the area as an acceleration area. You can also specify regions in each acceleration area. For more information about areas and regions, see Overview.

Accelerated IP address After you add a region to an acceleration area, GA assigns an accelerated IP address to the region. Clients can connect to the access point that is closest to the clients through the accelerated IP address. The access point receives client requests and forwards the requests to the Alibaba Cloud global network.
Access point An access point serves as an ingress through which network traffic is routed to Alibaba Cloud. Each access point is a point of presence (PoP) node or a region of Alibaba Cloud.
Listener A listener listens for connection requests and distributes the requests to endpoints based on the port and protocol that you specify. Each listener is associated with an endpoint group. You can associate an endpoint group with a listener by specifying the region to which you want to distribute network traffic. After you associate an endpoint group with a listener, network traffic is distributed to the optimal endpoints in the endpoint group.
Endpoint group After you add a listener, you must create an endpoint group for the listener. This way, network traffic can be distributed to the endpoint group. Each endpoint group is associated with a specific region. An endpoint group contains one or more endpoints in the associated region.
Endpoint Endpoints are destinations of client requests. You can specify Alibaba Cloud public IP addresses, OSS buckets, ECS instances, CLB instances, ALB instances, custom IP addresses of origin servers, or custom domain names of origin servers as endpoints.
  • You can specify ECS, CLB, and ALB instances as endpoints only if your Alibaba Cloud account is included in the whitelist. If you want to specify ECS, CLB, or ALB instances as endpoints for your GA instances, submit a ticket to upgrade the GA instances.
  • If you want to specify ECS instances or CLB instances as endpoints, make sure that the instances are deployed in virtual private clouds (VPCs).

You can specify a weight for each endpoint. The weight specifies the proportion of traffic that is forwarded to the endpoint.

Endpoint group IP address After you add endpoints to an endpoint group, GA allocates at least four endpoint group IP addresses to each endpoint. You can view the actual number of endpoint group IP addresses allocated to each endpoint in the console. After GA receives a client request, GA converts the client IP address to an endpoint group IP address that is used to access the specific endpoint.
Note The IP addresses of endpoint groups associated with each GA instance must be globally unique and not conflict with those of other GA instances.
Basic bandwidth plan A basic bandwidth plan provides bandwidth for data transfer over the Internet and within internal networks of Alibaba Cloud. However, basic bandwidth plans are not applicable to data transfer between the Chinese mainland and areas outside the Chinese mainland.

The following types of basic bandwidth plans are supported: basic, enhanced, and premium. The resources, acceleration type, and acceleration scope vary based on the bandwidth type. For more information, see Overview.

Cross-border acceleration bandwidth plan If you require data transfer acceleration between the Chinese mainland and areas outside the Chinese mainland, you must purchase a cross-border acceleration bandwidth plan.


  • High performance
    GA uses stable BGP lines, the global transmission network of Alibaba Cloud, and worldwide access points to reduce network latency, network jitters, and packet loss. This greatly improves user experience.
  • High availability
    GA allows you to manage network traffic that is routed across regions and distributed to endpoints. This prevents service disruptions caused by failures of individual regions or connections and improves network stability. GA continuously monitors the health status of all endpoints and automatically schedules network traffic to ensure service continuity.
  • Security and reliability
    GA allows you to set network access control lists (ACLs) and use Alibaba Cloud security services to protect applications and endpoints from attacks.
  • Ease of deployment
    GA is easy to configure and can be deployed within a few minutes. Resources are monitored and maintained in a centralized manner. This mechanism simplifies the deployment process.

Apply for a free trial

First-time users can apply for a one-month free trial of GA by using their Alibaba Cloud accounts within the 00:00:00 on April 1, 2021 to 00:00:00 on April 1, 2023 period. The Alibaba Cloud accounts must have passed enterprise real-name verification. To apply for a free trial, go to the GA Free Trial Application page and submit the free trial application.

For more information about the free trial and the supported instance types, see Time-limited one-month free trials of GA.