This topic describes how to manage quotas of Global Accelerator (GA). If the quota of a cloud resource is insufficient, you can apply for a quota increase.


  1. Log on to the Global Accelerator console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Quota Management.
  3. On the Quota Management page, view the quota usage of GA resources for the current Alibaba Cloud account.
    View quotas
  4. To increase a quota, click Submit Application in the Actions column, set the following parameters, and then click OK.
    • Requested Value: Specify the requested value. You must enter a number that is greater than the current quota. For more information about default quota limits, see Limits.
    • Reason for Application: Enter the detailed reason for the application, including the scenarios and necessity.
    • Mobile/Landline Phone Number: Enter the mobile or landline phone number of the applicant.
    • Email: Enter the email address of the applicant.


After you submit the application, you can click History in the Actions column to view the application status.
The system automatically assesses whether to approve your application.
  • If the requested value exceeds the upper limit, the system automatically rejects the application and the application status changes to Rejected.

    If your application is rejected, reduce the requested value and submit the application again.

  • If the requested value falls within the expected range, the system automatically approves the application, the application status changes to Approved, and the requested value immediately takes effect.