The following tables list the API operations available for use in Global Accelerator (GA).

Global Accelerator instances

API Description
DescribeAccelerator Queries the information about a specific GA instance.
ListAccelerators Queries GA instances.
UpdateAccelerator Modifies a GA instance.
CreateAccelerator Creates a GA instance.
DeleteAccelerator Deletes a specific GA instance.

Bandwidth plans

API Description
BandwidthPackageAddAccelerator Associates a bandwidth plan with a GA instance.
BandwidthPackageRemoveAccelerator Disassociates a bandwidth plan from a GA instance.
DescribeBandwidthPackage Queries the information about a bandwidth plan.
ListBandwidthPackages Queries bandwidth plans.
UpdateBandwidthPackage Modifies a bandwidth plan.
ReplaceBandwidthPackage Replaces a bandwidth plan.

Acceleration regions

API Description
CreateIpSets Creates an acceleration region.
DescribeIpSet Queries the information about an acceleration region.
ListIpSets Queries acceleration regions.
UpdateIpSet Modifies the bandwidth of a specific region that is included in an acceleration area.
UpdateIpSets Modifies the bandwidth of all regions that is included in an acceleration area.
DeleteIpSet Deletes a single acceleration region.
DeleteIpSets Deletes multiple acceleration regions.


API Description
CreateListener Creates a listener.
DescribeListener Queries the information about a listener.
ListListeners Queries listeners.
UpdateListener Modifies a listener.
DeleteListener Deletes a listener.

Endpoint groups

API Description
CreateEndpointGroup Creates an endpoint group.
DescribeEndpointGroup Queries the information about a specific endpoint group.
ListEndpointGroups Queries endpoint groups.
UpdateEndpointGroup Modifies an endpoint group.
UpdateEndpointGroupAttribute Modifies the name and description of an endpoint group.
DeleteEndpointGroup Deletes an endpoint group.

Areas and regions

API Description
ListAccelerateAreas Queries available acceleration areas and regions.
ListBusiRegions Queries the regions that support the acceleration service.
DescribeRegions Queries the regions where GA instances can be deployed.

Forwarding rules

API Description
CreateForwardingRules Creates a forwarding rule.
UpdateForwardingRules Updates a forwarding rule.
ListForwardingRules Views the information about the created forwarding rules.
DeleteForwardingRules Deletes a forwarding rule

Access control

API Description
UpdateAclAttribute Modifies the attributes of an access control list (ACL).
AddEntriesToAcl Adds an IP entry to an ACL.
ListAcls Queries ACLs of a region.
GetAcl Queries an ACL.
DeleteAcl Deletes an ACL.
AssociateAclsWithListener Associates ACLs with a listener.
DissociateAclsFromListener Disassociates ACLs from a listener.