This topic describes the procedure and basic scenarios to help you get started with Global Accelerator (GA).

Note First-time users can apply for a one-month free trial of GA by using their Alibaba Cloud accounts within the 00:00:00 on April 1, 2021 to 00:00:00 on April 1, 2024 period. The Alibaba Cloud accounts must pass enterprise real-name verification. You can submit an application to participate in the free trial. For more information about the free trial and the supported instance types, see Time-limited one-month free trials of GA.


Use standard GA instances

You can use standard GA instances to accelerate content delivery at Layer 4 (TCP and UDP) and Layer 7 (HTTP and HTTPS). You can purchase a standard GA instance and a basic bandwidth plan to meet your business requirements. Perform the following steps:Standard GA

Use basic GA instances

You can use basic GA instances to accelerate content delivery at Layer 3 (IP). Perform the following steps:Basic GA

Deploy GA services

After you purchase a GA instance, you can deploy the GA service based on the following information:
  • On the Instances page, move the pointer over Pending Configuration below the ID of the GA instance to view the configuration progress and the next step. In the Configure the GA instance tooltip, click the highlighted button of a step and complete the configuration. Pending Configuration
  • After you associate a basic bandwidth plan with a standard GA instance, you can use the configuration wizard to configure the GA instance. The configuration wizard contains all parameters that you can configure for a standard GA instance. The configuration wizard also provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure a GA instance and simplifies the configuration process.
    On the Instances page, find the GA instance that you want to manage and click Configuration Wizard in the Actions column. On the GA Configuration Wizard page, complete the configuration. Configuration wizard

Basic scenarios

GA instance typeScenario
StandardAccelerate transmission of network traffic destined for a specified IP address
Accelerate a specified domain name
Access IPv4 services from IPv6 clients by using GA
BasicUse basic GA instances to accelerate content delivery