This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about listeners of Global Accelerator (GA).

Does GA support client IP addresses preservation?


Whether a GA instance supports client IP address preservation depends on the protocol that is used by the listener of the GA instance. For more information, see Preserve client IP addresses.

Do UDP listeners support client affinity and client IP address preservation?


Can different listeners of a GA instance use the same port?

UDP listeners can use the same port as TCP, HTTP, or HTTPS listeners. However, TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS listeners cannot use the same port.

What is the maximum number of listeners that I can add to a GA instance?


To increase the quota, submit a ticket.

For more information about the limits of GA, see Limits.

What is the maximum number of ports that I can configure for a listener?


You can specify up to two listeners that each contains more than 300 listener ports for a GA instance in specific regions. To use this feature, submit a ticket. For more information, see Listener overview.

What is the range of ports that I can configure for a listener?

1 to 65499.

Why do the backend servers fail to retrieve client IP addresses after I enable client IP address preservation?

  • If your application is deployed on Alibaba Cloud but the backend servers are not deployed in a virtual private cloud (VPC) or the elastic IP address (EIP) is not associated with a VPC-connected network instance, the backend servers cannot preserve client IP addresses.
  • If your application is deployed outside Alibaba Cloud, the backend servers must support Proxy Protocol so that they can preserve client IP addresses.

    This is because GA uses Proxy Protocol to preserve client IP addresses after you enable client IP address preservation. Therefore, you must make sure that the backend servers support Proxy Protocol. Otherwise, the backend servers cannot parse the Proxy Protocol header.

How do I disable client IP address preservation?

For HTTP listeners and HTTPS listeners, client IP address preservation is automatically enabled and cannot be disabled.

For TCP listeners, you can disable client IP address preservation in the console. Procedure:
  1. Log on to the GA console.
  2. On the Instances page, find the GA instance that you want to manage and click Configure Listeners in the Actions column.
  3. On the Listeners tab, find the listener and click Modify in the Actions column.
  4. On the Configure Listener & Protocol wizard page, click Next.
  5. On the Configure Endpoint Group wizard page, turn off Preserve Client IP and click Next. Disable client IP address preservation
  6. On the Confirm wizard page, confirm the information and click Submit.