This topic describes the billing examples of Global Accelerator (GA).

The billable items of GA include instance fees, specification fees, and bandwidth fees.
Note The prices described in the examples are for reference only. The prices on the buy pages prevail.

Example: GA instances that are associated with subscription basic bandwidth plans

For example, you purchase a standard GA instance whose specification is Small Ⅰ and a basic GA instance. You associate a subscription basic bandwidth plan whose bandwidth limit is 2 Mbit/s and whose bandwidth type is Basic with each GA instance. The subscription durations of the GA instances and the basic bandwidth plans are one month. The following table describes the GA fees that are charged during the month.
GA instance typeInstance feeSpecification feeBandwidth feeGA fee
StandardUSD 15USD 150USD 60USD 225
BasicUSD 15N/AUSD 60USD 75