Global Accelerator (GA) instances support only the subscription billing method. This topic describes the billing rules of subscription GA instances.

Note Starting from 00:00:00 (UTC+8) on June 13, 2022, you can apply for a seven-day GA free trial. To get started with the free trial, you only need to enter the business information. Then, the system automatically creates a trial GA instance. You can submit the GA Free Trial Application and apply for a free trial. For more information, see Seven-day free trial of GA.

Billing description

The subscription billing method requires you to complete the payment of the subscription before you can use a service. The following section describes the billing of subscription GA instances:
  • Billable items
    Standard GA service fees = Instance fee + Specification fee
    Basic GA service fee = Instance fee

    To use the GA service, you must first purchase a basic bandwidth plan. For more information about the billing rules of basic bandwidth plans, see Subscription bandwidth plans and Pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans.

  • Billing cycles

    The billing cycle (based on UTC+8) of a subscription GA instance is the subscription duration of the GA instance. The billing cycle starts from the time (accurate to the second) when the subscription GA instance is purchased or renewed and ends at 24:00:00 of the day when the GA instance expires.

Instance fee

Instance fee = Instance unit price (USD/month) × Duration (months)

The unit price of a GA instance is USD 15/month.

Specification fee

Specification fees are charged only for standard GA instances. Standard GA instances provide multiple instance specifications. Each instance specification provides different acceleration capabilities. The pricing of each instance specification varies.

Specification fee = Specification unit price (UDS/month) × Duration (months)
  • The unit price varies based on GA instance specifications.The unit price on the buy page shall prevail.
  • By default, the Large Ⅲ specification and higher specifications are not available. To use these specifications, submit a ticket.
Specification Number of acceleration regions Bandwidth limit Maximum number of concurrent connections Unit price(USD/month)
Small Ⅰ 1 20 Mbps 5,000 150
Small Ⅱ 2 40 Mbps 10,000 300
Small Ⅲ 3 60 Mbps 15,000 450
Medium Ⅰ 5 100 Mbps 25,000 750
Medium Ⅱ 8 160 Mbps 40,000 1200
Medium Ⅲ 10 200 Mbps 50,000 1500
Large Ⅰ All regions

For more information about the acceleration areas and Alibaba Cloud regions that are supported by GA, see Acceleration areas and regions.

400 Mbps 100,000 3000
Large Ⅱ 600 Mbps 150,000 4500
Large Ⅲ 800 Mbps 200,000 6000
Large Ⅳ 1 Gbps 250,000 7500
Large Ⅴ 1.2 Gbps 300,000 9000
Large Ⅵ 1.4 Gbps 350,000 10500
Large Ⅶ 1.6 Gbps 400,000 12000
Large Ⅷ 1.8 Gbps 450,000 13500
Super Large Ⅰ 2 Gbps 500,000 15000
Super Large Ⅱ 4 Gbps 1,000,000 30000

Billing examples

For example, you purchase a standard GA instance whose specification is Small Ⅰ and a basic GA instance. You associate a subscription basic bandwidth plan whose bandwidth limit is 2 Mbit/s and whose bandwidth type is Standard with each GA instance. The subscription durations of the GA instances and the basic bandwidth plans are one month. The following table describes the GA fees that are charged during the month.
GA instance type Instance fee Specification fee Bandwidth fee GA fee
Standard USD 15 USD 150 USD 60 USD 225
Basic USD 15 N/A USD 60 USD 75
Note The bandwidth fee of the basic bandwidth plan is provided only for reference in this example. For more information about the actual price, visit the Basic Bandwidth Plan (Subscription) buy page.