Compared to the Anti-DDoS Pro service, it effectively defends against large-scale DDoS attacks (T-level) and provides a complete solution for connection flood attacks that are unique to the gaming industry, at lower protection cost and with better results.

On March 29, 2017, Alibaba Cloud Security announced a new risk control model for the gaming industry at the Yunqi Conference in Shenzhen: Game Shield. Game Shield has innovative risk management methods and algorithms to help users in the gaming industry mitigate massive DDoS attacks and connection flood attacks at a lower cost and solve the problem of unequal resources in the previous attack and defense framework.

Compared to the traditional single-point DDoS defense solution, Game Shield uses data and algorithms to implement smart scheduling, quickly splitting “normal player” traffic and “hacker attack” traffic to different nodes to mitigate massive DDoS attacks, and through end-to-end encryption, preventing minor DDoS attacks that simulates user behavior from reaching the client.

Meanwhile, in traditional defenses, it is easy for hackers to lock onto an IP for attack and minimize their own damage during the attack. The smart scheduling and identification functions of Game Shield allow users to “hide” themselves and “expose” hackers - each attack impairs hackers, and the attack devices and broilers can no longer be available. This reverses the previous situation where the DDoS offensive and defensive resources were unequal.