This topic describes the API operations available for use in Function Compute.

Note The original API is under maintenance. We recommend that you use the upgraded API. For more information, see List of operations by function.


Before you call an API operation, you must obtain the ID of your Alibaba Cloud account and an AccessKey pair for identity authentication. This way, you call API operations by using tools such as SDKs or command-line interface (CLI). For more information, see the following topics:


API Description
CreateService Creates a service.
DeleteService Deletes a service.
UpdateService Updates a service.
GetService Queries the information about a service.
ListServices Queries services.


API Description
CreateFunction Creates a function.
DeleteFunction Deletes a function.
UpdateFunction Updates a function.
GetFunction Queries the information about a function.
GetFunctionCode Queries the code package of a function.
ListFunctions Queries functions.
InvokeFunction Invokes a function.


API Description
CreateTrigger Creates a trigger.
DeleteTrigger Deletes a trigger.
UpdateTrigger Updates a trigger.
GetTrigger Queries the information about a trigger.
ListTriggers Queries triggers.


API Description
PublishServiceVersion Publishes a service version.
DeleteServiceVersion Deletes a service version.
ListServiceVersions Queries the versions of a service.


API Description
CreateAlias Creates an alias.
DeleteAlias Deletes an alias.
UpdateAlias Updates an alias.
GetAlias Queries the information about an alias.
ListAliases Queries aliases.

Custom domain names

API Description
CreateCustomDomain Creates a custom domain name.
DeleteCustomDomain Deletes a custom domain name.
UpdateCustomDomain Updates a custom domain name.
GetCustomDomain Queries a custom domain name.
ListCustomDomains Queries custom domain names.

Provisioned configurations

API Description
PutProvisionConfig Sets a provisioned configuration.
GetProvisionConfig Queries a provisioned configuration.
ListProvisionConfigs Queries provisioned configurations.


API Description
TagResource Adds tags to a resource.
UntagResource Removes tags from a resource.
GetResourceTags Queries all tags of a resource.

Asynchronous invocation configurations

API Description
PutFunctionAsyncInvokeConfig Creates or updates the asynchronous invocation configuration of a function in a service.
DeleteFunctionAsyncInvokeConfig Deletes the asynchronous invocation configurations of a function in a service.
GetFunctionAsyncInvokeConfig Queries the asynchronous invocation configurations of a function in a service.
ListFunctionAsyncInvokeConfigs Queries all asynchronous invocation configurations of a function in a service.


API Description
PublishLayerVersion Publishes a layer version.
DeleteLayerVersion Deletes a layer version.
GetLayerVersion Queries the information about a layer version.
ListLayerVersions Queries the versions of a layer.
ListLayers Queries layers.