Function Compute supports various programming languages. For more information about the programming languages supported by Function Compute, see Programming languages. The following list describes how to run programs that are written in an unsupported language:
  • Redefine your code in a language that Function Compute supports. Node.js and Python are efficient programming languages that have a rich variety of class libraries.
  • Use a custom runtime environment. For more information, see Custom runtime environment.
  • Compile your C or C++ program as an executable file and use system calls such as fork to run the file.
  • Compile your C or C++ module as a shared library and create a Python binding to interface with the library.
The following table describes the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.
Method Difficulty Performance Loss Scenario
Redefine code Depends on program complexity Depends on language and scenario Applications that are not complex
Custom Runtime Low Low All
Call an executable file Low High Latency-insensitive applications, such as asynchronous processing of files in the background
Call a shared library High Low High-performance applications

If these methods are not satisfactory, contact us.