This topic shows you how to enable Insights for a service and view the invocation metrics for a function in the Function Compute console.

Background information


Before you begin

Enable Insights for a service


  2. In the Log Settings section of the Modify Service page, configure the parameters based on your business requirements and click Save.
    The following table describes the parameters that you must configure. Retain the default values for other parameters.
    Parameter Definition Example
    Logging Specifies whether to store function invocation logs in Log Service. For more information about the logging feature, see Configure the logging feature. Enable
    Log Service Project Select a log project that you configured. aliyun-fc-hangzhou-2238f0df-a742-524f-9f90-976ba*******
    Logstore Select a Logstore that you configured. function-log
    Request-level Metrics Specifies whether to use the Insights feature to view the request-level metrics. After you enable this feature, invocation metrics for functions in the service are collected and delivered to the specified Logstore. Enable
    After the Insights feature is configured, you can find the corresponding request line on the Call Request List tab under Logs, and then click the request ID to view the invocation information including the amount of time and memory consumed by the invocation, and invocation method.