This topic describes how to debug a function by using the fun local start related commands.

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Debug a local HTTP trigger function by using VSCode

The following section uses Node.js as an example to describe how to use VSCode to debug HTTP functions.

HTTP triggers are debugged locally in the same way as they are used to trigger functions using events, as specified by -d or --debug-port parameters. It also supports displaying the configuration information of the debugging IDE during debugging by using -c or -config parameters.

  1. Run the following command to run the function in debug mode:
    fun local start -debug 3000 -config vscode
    Sample command output:Http Trigger
    Note In the returned results, you can see that the function declared in the template.yml file has been successfully registered.
  2. Choose an appropriate URL based on the service name, function name, or HTTP trigger name. Use a browser to open the target URL.
    The browser page will remain unresponsive. The following logs are displayed in the terminal. You need to copy the configuration information returned in the log to the VSCode debugger for configuration.
    skip pulling image aliyunfc/runtime-python3.6:1.2.0...
    you can paste these config to .vscode/launch.json, and then attach to your running function
    ///////////////// config begin /////////////////
        "version": "0.2.0",
        "configurations": [
                "name": "fc/local-http-demo/python3",
                "type": "python",
                "request": "attach",
                "host": "localhost",
                "port": 3000,
                "pathMappings": [
                        "localRoot": "/Users/tan/fun_local_http_demo/python3",
                        "remoteRoot": "/code"
    ///////////////// config end /////////////////
    FunctionCompute python3 runtime inited.
    FC Invoke Start RequestId: 04c57fba-cbe9-4c1f-8c57-f8e0b539fa08
  3. Click the VSCode editor sidebar to set a breakpoint and click the IMagevscode2 icon to complete debugging.
    The dynamic demonstration process is as follows. p170duandiantiaoshi