If the preceding message is returned, you can troubleshoot the error in the following ways:
  • If the message is returned for a custom runtime, you can check the settings of the Connection header and server.
    Keep-Alive must be set in the Connection header and the timeout value must be 15 minutes or more at the server side. Example:
    var server = app.listen(PORT, HOST);
    server.timeout = 0; // never timeout
    server.keepAliveTimeout = 0; // keepalive, never timeout
  • The client that invokes the function initiates the cancel operation. For example, the execution period of the function is 10s, but the Timeout value for SDK to invoke the function is set to 5s at the client side. We recommend that you set a timeout value that is greater than the execution period of the function on the client that invokes the function.
  • The logic problem of the function causes the execution environment to exit.