The pricing for FPGA as a Service (FaaS) is the same as that for Elastic Compute Service (ECS). This topic describes the billing methods and billing-related operations for FaaS.


Term Description
Subscription A billing method in which you pay for resources before they are used. With the subscription billing method, you can reserve resources in advance at a discount to reduce costs.
Pay-as-you-go A billing method that allows you to use resources and pay for them afterward. You can purchase and release resources on demand and scale up as your business grows. Pay-as-you-go resources can help reduce your costs by up to 80% compared with traditional hosts.
preemptible instance A type of on-demand instance that allows you to purchase pay-as-you-go instances at a discount to help reduce the cost of using ECS instances in certain scenarios.
Note Preemptible instances are not applicable to ECS Bare Metal Instance.
reserved instance A coupon that can be used to purchase one or more pay-as-you-go instances at discounted prices. You can also use reserved instances to reserve instance resources for later use. You cannot use reserved instances to pay for preemptible instances.
Note Reserved instances are not applicable to GPU-accelerated instances and FPGA-accelerated ECS instances.

Manage the billing method