This topic describes the C# runtime environments in which you can write function code in Function Compute.


The C# programming language is different from scripting languages such as Python and Node.js. Function Compute does not support online compilation for C#. You can upload compiled code packages by uploading ZIP packages, folders, or OSS objects.

C# runtime

The following table describes the C# runtime environments that are supported by Function Compute.

.NET version Operating system
.NET Core 2.1 Debian 9
.NET Core 3.1 Debian 9
Function Compute provides the following dependency libraries for C# runtime environments:
  • Aliyun.Serverless.Core: defines information such as the event handler interface and the context object used in a request handler. This library is required.
  • Aliyun.Serverless.Core.Http: defines the information about the handler interface of an HTTP request.