This topic describes the billing of multi-cloud connections and the policy on service suspensions due to overdue payments.


Multi-cloud connections support only annual subscriptions. Before you can use this feature, you must create a multi-cloud connection.

When you use a multi-cloud connection, you are charged only for the bandwidth that is allocated to the connection. You are not charged for the port that is used for the multi-cloud connection. The following items describe the specification and cost of a multi-cloud connection:
  • Bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s.
  • Duration: 12 months.
  • Total Configuration Cost: USD 8,100.

Overdue payments

You will be notified by SMS and email 168 hours, 72 hours, and 24 hours before a multi-cloud connection expires.
  • A multi-cloud connection is suspended 360 hours after expiration.

    After a multi-cloud connection is suspended, the virtual border router (VBR) that is associated with the multi-cloud connection stops providing services.

  • After a multi-cloud connection is suspended for 360 hours, the system automatically deletes the multi-cloud connection and the associated VBR.

    You will receive an SMS or email notification one day before the system deletes the multi-cloud connection. After the multi-cloud connection is deleted, the configurations and data related to the multi-cloud connection are deleted and cannot be restored.

To avoid service disruptions, we recommend that you renew your multi-cloud connections at the earliest opportunity. You can renew a multi-cloud connection within the subscription duration or before the expiration date.