This topic describes the locations of Alibaba Cloud access points. You can select an access point that is nearest to your data center based on the information in this topic.

Alibaba Cloud access points

This topic describes the locations of access points as a reference for users of dedicated Express Connect circuits. For more information about the detailed location of an access point, see the Letter of Authorization (LOA) of the dedicated Express Connect circuit for which you applied.

Locations of Alibaba Cloud access points in China

Notice The following access points do not support 40 Gbit/s or 100 Gbit/s ports: Beijing-Fengtai-A, Shanghai-Baoshan-C, Hangzhou-Jianggan-B, Shenzhen-Nanshan-A, and HK-KwaiChung-A.
Region Access point Connectivity provider Landmark
China (Qingdao) Qingdao-Laoshan-A China Unicom Qingdao International Golf Club
Qingdao-Licang-A Carrier-neutral Hengxing University
China (Beijing) Beijing-Daxing-A GDS Services Real Estate Registry of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone
Beijing-Daxing-E China Unicom China Railway Jisheng Logistics Mansion
Beijing-Changping-A China Telecom Riverside Park of Future Science City
Beijing-Langfang-A Alibaba Cloud Longhe Park
Beijing-Langfang-C Carrier-neutral Yulong River Park
Beijing-Haidian-A Carrier-neutral Fengying Park
Beijing-Yizhuang-A 21Vianet Group Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center
Beijing-Shunyi-A China Telecom Beijing Fangzhou Skin Disease Hospital
Beijing-Shunyi-B Chine Mobile Beijing Fangzhou Skin Disease Hospital
Beijing-Chaoyang-B Carrier-neutral Dingxiang Park
Beijing-Chaoyang-C Carrier-neutral Dingxiang Park
Beijing-Fengtai-A China Internet Exchange Fengtai Case Management Center
China (Zhangjiakou) Zhangjiakou-Xiaoertai-A Alibaba Cloud People's Government of Xiao'ertai
Zhangjiakou-Miaotan-A Alibaba Cloud People's Government of Zhangbei
Zhangjiakou-Zhangbei-A Alibaba Cloud Zhangbei Zhongdu Grasslands
Zhangjiakou-Zhangbei-B Alibaba Cloud Zhangbei Aeolon Wind Energy Technology Development
China (Hohhot) Hohhot-Shengle-A China Telecom Inner Mongolia Ego International E-commerce Industrial Park
Hohhot-Xincheng-A China Unicom Hohhot Housing Security and House Management Bureau
Hohhot-Helinger-A China Telecom China Telecom Cloud Computing Park
China (Ulanqab) Ulanqab-Development Zone-A Alibaba Cloud Ulanqab Traffic Vocational Technical School
Ulanqab-Jining-A Alibaba Cloud Ulanqab Environmental Protection Bureau in Jining
Ulanqab-Qianqi-A Alibaba Cloud People's Government of Chaha'er Youyi Qianqi
China (Hangzhou) Hangzhou-Yuhang-B Alibaba Cloud Renhe Secondary School
Hangzhou-Yuhang-C Alibaba Cloud Longtian Smart Logistics Center
Hangzhou-Yuhang-D Alibaba Cloud Renhe Secondary School
Hangzhou-Yuhang-E Alibaba Cloud Longtian Smart Logistics Center
Hangzhou-Xiaoshan-A China Unicom Zhejiang College of Construction
Hangzhou-Xiaoshan-B China Telecom Powerlong Shopping Mall
Hangzhou-Xiaoshan-D Chine Mobile Zhejiang College of Construction
Hangzhou-Jianggan-B 21Vianet Group Wahaha Group in Xiasha
Hangzhou-Fuyang-A China Telecom Changkou Public Transit Station
Hangzhou-Deqing-A China Unicom People's Government of Deqing
China (Shanghai) Shanghai-Baoshan-A China Telecom People's Government of Luojingzhen
Shanghai-Baoshan-B China Unicom Shanghai Customs No.6 Surveillance Zone
Shanghai-Baoshan-C 21Vianet Group Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition
Shanghai-Baoshan-D Chine Mobile Shanghai Customs No.6 Surveillance Zone
Shanghai-Pudong-A Chine Mobile Pudong Jinhai Wetland Park
Shanghai-Pudong-B China Telecom Senlan Sports Park
Shanghai-Pudong-D China Unicom Gaodong Ecological Park
Shanghai-Pudong-E Carrier-neutral National Overseas Trade Center
Shanghai-Jiading-A China Telecom Tianhua College of Shanghai Normal University
Shanghai-Jiading-B China Telecom Gushu Park
Shanghai-Fengxian-A China Telecom National Foreign Cultural Trade Base
Taicang-Huangjing-A Alibaba Cloud Taicang Yilin Hospital
Changshu-Bixi-A Carrier-neutral GLP Pujiang Logistics Park
China (Nanjing - Local Region) Nanjing-Pukou-A Chine Mobile Nanjing University Jinling College
China (Fuzhou-Local Region) Fuzhou-Changle-A Chine Mobile CITIC Bank (Fuzhou Binhai New City)
China (Shenzhen) Shenzhen-Futian-A GDS Services Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital in Fuqiang
Shenzhen-Yantian-A China Unicom Jiarun Building in Longgang
Shenzhen-Nanshan-A 21Vianet Group People's Hospital of Nanshan
Shenzhen-Longgang-A Chine Mobile Yanziling Park in Pingshan
Shenzhen-Baoan-A China Telecom Huazhang Future City Cloud Center
China (Heyuan) Heyuan-Gaoxin-A Alibaba Cloud Duntou Elementary School
Heyuan-Yuancheng-A Alibaba Cloud Haohe Environment Governance Institute
China (Guangzhou) Guangzhou-Development Zone-A China Unicom Dazhuang International Plaza
Guangzhou-Huangpu-B Carrier-neutral Yushu Park
Guangzhou-Huangpu-C Carrier-neutral South China New Materials Innovation Park
Guangzhou-Zengcheng-A Alibaba Cloud Nanxiang Valley Industrial Park
China (Xi'an-Local Region) Xi'an-Xixian-A China Telecom Xixian Deshang International Hospital
China (Chengdu) Chengdu-Gaoxin-B China Telecom University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Qingshuihe
Chengdu-Shuangliu-A Chine Mobile Public Security Bureau of Certificates Application in Xihanggang
Chengdu-Shuangliu-B China Unicom Shuangliu Center on Shuanghuang Road
China (Hong Kong) HK-KwaiChung-A Equinix Xinxing Centre
HK-ChaiWan-B MEGA Sino Favour Centre
HK-TseungKwanO-E Alibaba Cloud Pat Chun Building

Locations of access points outside China

Notice The following access points do not support 10 Gbit/s, 40 Gbit/s, or 100 Gbit/s ports: Australia-Sydney-A, Australia-Sydney-B, Malaysia-KualaLumpur-A, Singapore-A, Singapore-B, India-Mumbai-A, UAE-Dubai-A, UAE-Dubai-B, US-Ashburn-A, US-Virginia-D, US-SanJose-A, Germany-Frankfurt-B, and UK-London-C.
Area Region Access point Connectivity provider
Asia Pacific Singapore (Singapore) Singapore-A Equinix
Singapore-B GlobalSwitch
Singapore-D Kingsland
Singapore-E Singtel
Australia (Sydney) Australia-Sydney-A GlobalSwitch
Australia-Sydney-B Equinix
Australia-Sydney-D Telstra and Optus
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia-KualaLumpur-A NTT
Malaysia-KualaLumpur-B AIMS
Indonesia (Jakarta) Indonesia-Jakarta-A DCI
Indonesia-Jakarta-B NTT
Indonesia-Jakarta-C Alibaba Cloud
Japan (Tokyo) Japan-Tokyo-B Equinix
Japan-Tokyo-C NEC
Japan-Tokyo-D Equinix
India (Mumbai) India-Mumbai-A CtrlS
India-Mumbai-B GPX
India-Mumbai-C NM
India-Mumbai-D CtrlS
South Korea (Seoul) SouthKorea-Seoul-A LG
Philippines (Manila) Philippines-Manila-A PLDT
Thailand (Bangkok) Thailand-Bangkok-A True
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Vietnam-HoChiMinh-A Viettel
Europe & Americas US (Silicon Valley) US-SanJose-A Equinix
US (Virginia) US-Ashburn-A Equinix
US-Ashburn-B CUA
US-Virginia-C CUA
US-Virginia-D Coresite
Germany (Frankfurt) Germany-Frankfurt-A E-shelter
Germany-Frankfurt-B Equinix
Germany-Frankfurt-C E-shelter
UK (London) UK-London-A DRT
UK-London-B ARK
UK-London-C Telehouse
UK-London-D Equinix
Middle East UAE (Dubai) UAE-Dubai-A Equinix
UAE-Dubai-B Khazna