This topic describes how to create a peering connection between a virtual border router (VBR) and a virtual private cloud (VPC).

Background information


  1. Log on to the Express Connect console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose VPC Peering Connections > VBR-to-VPC.
  3. Click Create Peering Connection.
  4. On the Express Connect-Peering connections page, configure the parameters of the peering connection.
    Parameter Description
    Account Type

    Specify whether the VBR and VPC that you want to connect belong to the same Alibaba Cloud account.

    Same-account: The VBR and VPC belong to the same Alibaba Cloud account. In this case, the system creates the initiator and acceptor instances and automatically establishes a connection between them.

    Connection Type
    Select the type of the peering connection.
    • VPC-to-VPC: The peering connection connects two VPCs.
    • VBR-to-VPC: The peering connection connects a VPC and a VBR.

      For this example, select VBR-to-VPC.

    Routers to Create Select the router interfaces to create.

    Initiator and Acceptor: Both the initiator and acceptor instances are created. The initiator instance automatically connects to the acceptor instance.

    Local Region Select the region of the VBR.
    Local Access Point Select the access point to which the VBR connects.
    Local VBR ID Select the ID of the VBR.
    Peer Region Select the region of the VPC.
    Peer VPC ID Select the ID of the VPC.
    Bandwidth Specify the bandwidth of the peering connection.

    You do not need to specify the bandwidth for the acceptor instance. The default bandwidth is used.

    Validity Specify the subscription duration.

    To enable automatic renewal upon expiration, select Auto-renewal.

  5. Click Buy Now.
  6. Read and select I have read and agree to Express Connect-Peering Connections Agreement of Service. Then, click Pay.