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EventBridge:Data protection and security

Last Updated:Dec 28, 2023

EventBridge provides various security capabilities that comply with the regulations of multiple organizations. EventBridge supports features such as server-side encryption, client-side encryption, and fine-grained permission control to provide comprehensive security protection for your data in Alibaba Cloud and meet your requirements on data security and regulatory compliance.

Encryption at rest

The at-rest encryption feature provided by EventBridge is suitable for scenarios in which data security and regulatory compliance are required. This feature encrypts all data and metadata stored in EventBridge and helps ensure the privacy, autonomy, and security of data without the need to build or maintain infrastructure for key management.

By default, the at-rest encryption feature provided by EventBridge encrypts data by using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and Key Management Service (KMS). The at-rest encryption feature is free of charge.

Encryption in transit

EventBridge provides server-side encryption for data transmission and supports encrypted transmission based on SSL and Transport Layer Security (TLS) V1.2 to protect data against potential security risks in the cloud.


In specific cases, whether TLS-based encrypted data transmission is used is determined by the specified parameter values such as the HTTP trigger and API destination trigger.