1. Can I install Log Collector on multiple ECS instances in a VPC?

    A: Yes. We recommend that you install Log Collector on each ECS instance in a cluster in a VPC, especially when the cluster is large.

  2. Is the bandwidth that is consumed by Log Collector billed?

    A: No. Log Collector consumes internal bandwidth. Therefore, Alibaba Cloud does not bill this part of traffic.

  3. Must I install Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) Agent on the ECS instance where Log Collector is installed?

    A: No. However, we recommend that you install Log Collector on an ECS instance where EDAS Agent is installed.

  4. What happens if I do not install Log Collector?

    A: The impact is reflected on EDAS services. If no data is collected, services related to views and traces become unavailable. Such services include infrastructure monitoring, service monitoring, alert, tracing, and scaling.

  5. In the final stage of the installation process, a message containing setup sproxy failed appeared frequently. Did the installation process really fail?

    A: No. This problem occurs because the installation script simply checks whether a connection is set up, but the interval between module startup and connection setup is large. We recommend that, one minute after the installation is complete, you manually check whether port 8002 has been set up.

  6. What operating systems support Log Collector?

    A: Currently, only 64-bit CentOS 6.5, 7.0, and later and 64-bit Ali-Linux 15.1 support Log Collector.

  7. Why am I unable to query traces and monitor any data in the VPC environment?


    • Traces and monitoring data are generated only when request traffic is detected. If no customer visits the website, no data is generated to form a chart.
    • Ensure that port 8182 of the ECS instance is enabled. Run netstat -antp|grep 8182 to check whether the port is enabled.