Error message

When you call the High-speed Service Framework (HSF) service, an exception occurs when you obtain userId based on the configured route parameter. The following error message is reported:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid route while WriteMode=unit, route : -1


This error occurs when the parameter position specified by route is invalid. The unitized attribute route indicates the subscript of userId in a parameter array and must be set to a non-negative integer. The value of route cannot be greater than the number of the parameters in the parameter array of a method. The default value is 0. The value 0 indicates that the userId parameter is at the first position in the parameter array.

The following code block provides a sample configuration.
<bean id="helloWorldServiceProvider"
       <property name="serviceInterface">
       <property name="target">
           <ref bean="helloWorldServiceImpl" />
       <property name="serviceVersion">
      <property name="writeMode">
      <property name="route">