This topic describes the types of Alibaba Cloud Logstash resources that can be authorized. You can grant different permissions on the resources to different users.

General permission policies

Alibaba Cloud Logstash provides the following types of general permission policies. Select a policy based on your requirements.
  • AliyunElasticsearchReadOnlyAccess: the read-only permission on Elasticsearch or Logstash clusters. This policy can be attached to read-only users.
  • AliyunElasticsearchFullAccess: the management permission on Elasticsearch or Logstash clusters. This policy can be attached to administrators.

Resource types and ARN formats

The following table lists the resource types supported by Logstash and the related Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) formats.

Resource type ARN format
instances acs:elasticsearch:$regionId:$accountId:logstashes/*
instances acs:elasticsearch:$regionId:$accountId:logstashes/$instanceId
vpc acs:elasticsearch:$regionId:$accountId:vpc/*
vswitch acs:elasticsearch:$regionId:$accountId:vswitch/*
  • $regionId: Set the value to the region ID of your Logstash cluster or to an asterisk (*).
  • $accountId: Set the value to the ID of your Alibaba Cloud account or to an asterisk (*).
  • $instanceId: Set the value to the ID of your Logstash cluster or to an asterisk (*).

Permissions on Logstash clusters

Note The following ARN formats are shortened. For information about the complete ARN formats, see Resource types and ARN formats.
  • Manage clusters
    Action Description ARN format
    elasticsearch:CreateLogstash Creates a cluster. logstashes/* or logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:UpdateLogstash Updates a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:ListLogstash Queries clusters. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:UpdateLogstashDescription Changes the name of a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:DescribeLogstash Queries the details of a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:DeleteLogstash Deletes a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:RestartLogstash Restarts a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    ListLogstashLog Queries the logs of a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    UpdateLogstashSettings Modifies the YML file of a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    UpdateLogstashChargeType Changes the billing method of a cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
    RenewLogstash Renews a subscription cluster. logstashes/$instanceId
  • Manage plug-ins
    Action Description ARN format
    elasticsearch:ListPlugin Queries plug-ins. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:InstallSystemPlugin Installs a built-in plug-in. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:UninstallPlugin Removes a plug-in. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:InstallUserPlugin Installs a custom plug-in. logstashes/$instanceId
  • Query logs
    Action Description ARN format
    elasticsearch:ListLogstashLog Queries logs. logstashes/$instanceId
  • Configure YML files
    Action Description ARN format
    elasticsearch:UpdateLogstashSettings Configures a YML file. logstashes/$instanceId
  • Manage tasks
    Action Description ARN format
    elasticsearch:InterruptLogstashTask Pauses a task. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:ResumeLogstashTask Resumes a task. logstashes/$instanceId
  • Manage pipelines
    Action Description ARN format
    elasticsearch:UpdatePipelineManagementConfig Updates the pipeline management method. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:DescribePipelineManagementConfig Queries the pipeline management configuration. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:VerifyPipelineManagementConfig Verifies the pipeline management configuration. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:ListAvailableEsInstanceIds Queries valid cluster IDs. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:CreatePipelines Creates a pipeline. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:UpdatePipelines Modifies the configuration of a pipeline. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:RunPipelines Deploys a pipeline immediately. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:StopPipelines Stops a pipeline. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:ListPipeline Queries pipelines. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:DescribePipeline Queries the details of a pipeline. logstashes/$instanceId
    elasticsearch:DeletePipelines Deletes a pipeline. logstashes/$instanceId

Regions supported by Logstash

Region Region ID
China (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou
China (Beijing) cn-beijing
China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai
China (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen
China (Qingdao) cn-qingdao
China (Zhangjiakou) cn-zhangjiakou