Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch provides the data migration service for you to migrate the data stored on data nodes before you scale in the data nodes in an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch cluster. During the data migration process, some issues may occur. Before you use the data migration service, make sure that you understand the entire process and potential consequences, and that you have read and agree to the terms of data migration.

  1. Due to the features of Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch clusters, features of data nodes, and instability of network transmission, the data migration process may be affected by the status of the cluster, the data storage status on the source nodes, or other factors. If the cluster status is unhealthy or the data migration process is interrupted, the data migration service may fail. This may cause data loss of or inconsistent data on the source and destination nodes.
  2. Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch only provides the cluster scale-in service for you to downgrade data nodes. Alibaba Cloud is not responsible for any issues that occur during the data migration process, such as data migration interruption, data migration failure, or inconsistent data. You are responsible for the data migration operation and all consequences resulting from the data migration operation.
  3. Alibaba Cloud reminds you to learn the entire data migration process before you scale in data nodes. Make sure that all prerequisites are met and solutions are provided to prevent data loss, including but not limited to data backup. Do not delete the backup before you can ensure that the data migration process is complete and the data on the source and destination nodes are consistent.