This topic describes the refund rules for Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters and the related operations.

Subscription clusters

You are not allowed to manually request refunds for your subscription Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters. If you want to terminate a subscription cluster from the next billing cycle, make sure that all the data stored on the cluster is backed up. Then, log on to the Alibaba Cloud Management Console and choose Expenses > Renewal Management in the top navigation bar to disable auto-renewal for the cluster. You can use the cluster till the end of the current billing cycle. However, fees that are paid are not refunded. The cluster is not automatically renewed in the next billing cycle. If you want to immediately terminate a subscription cluster, you can submit a ticket to request the termination.

Pay-as-you-go clusters

Pay-as-you-go Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters do not support refunds. You can release or scale in the clusters based on your business requirements.