Call the DescribePipeline to obtain the pipeline information of a Logstash instance.


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Request header

This operation uses only common request headers. For more information, see Common parameters.

Request syntax

GET /openapi/logstashes/[InstanceId]/pipelines/[PipelineId] HTTPS|HTTP 

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
InstanceId String Yes ls-cn-oew1qbgl****

The ID of the Logstash instance.

PipelineId String Yes pipeline_test

The ID of the pipeline.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
RequestId String 829F38F6-E2D6-4109-90A6-888160BD1***

The ID of the request.

Result Struct

The return results.

batchDelay Integer 50

Pipeline batch delay.

batchSize Integer 125

Pipeline batch size.

config String input { } filter { } output { }

The specific configuration of the pipeline.

description String this is a test

The description of the pipeline.

gmtCreatedTime String 2020-06-20T07:26:47.000+0000

The time when the pipeline was created.

gmtUpdateTime String 2020-06-20T07:26:47.000+0000

The time when the pipeline was updated.

pipelineId String pipeline_test

The ID of the pipeline.

pipelineStatus String RUNNING

The status of the pipeline. Supported: NOT_DEPLOYED, RUNNING, and DELETED.

queueCheckPointWrites Integer 1024

The number of queue checkpoint writes.

queueMaxBytes Integer 1024

The maximum number of bytes in the queue.

queueType String memory

The type of the queue. Supported: MEMORY and PERSISTED.

workers Integer 2

The number of pipeline workers.


Sample requests

GET /openapi/logstashes/ls-cn-oew1qbgl****/pipelines/pipeline_test HTTP/1.1 
common request header

Sample success responses

JSON Syntax

    "Result": {
        "pipelineId": "test",
        "config": "input {\n\n}\nfilter {\n\n}\noutput {\n\n}",
        "workers": 2,
        "batchSize": 100,
        "batchDelay": 60,
        "queueType": "MEMORY",
        "pipelineStatus": "NOT_DEPLOYED",
        "queueMaxBytes": 1024,
        "queueCheckPointWrites": 1024,
        "gmtCreatedTime": "2020-09-16T06:35:30.139Z",
        "gmtUpdateTime": "2020-09-16T07:06:24.759Z"
    "RequestId": "49AEA9F3-B946-4102-8BD7-92E71C86****"

     { "Result": { "pipelineId": "test", "config": "input {\n\n}\nfilter {\n\n}\noutput {\n\n}", "workers": 2, "batchSize": 100, "batchDelay": 60, "queueType": "MEMORY", "pipelineStatus": "NOT_DEPLOYED", "queueMaxBytes": 1024, "queueCheckPointWrites": 1024, "gmtCreatedTime": "2020-09-16T06:35:30.139Z", "gmtUpdateTime": "2020-09-16T07:06:24.759Z" }, "RequestId": "49AEA9F3-B946-4102-8BD7-92E71C86****" } 

Sample response description

Pipeline parameters that are not configured use the system default values, and are not displayed in the returned result.  

Error code

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.