After you modify the configuration of a Logstash cluster or node or your Logstash service becomes unavailable due to an error, you may need to restart your Logstash cluster or node. This topic describes how to restart a Logstash cluster or node in the Elasticsearch console.


The cluster is in the Active state (indicated by the color green), and the resource usage of the cluster is not high.
Note You can view the resource usage on the Cloud product charts page in the CloudMonitor console. This page may display the following metrics for the cluster: Node Disk Usage, Node Heap Memory Usage, Node CPU Usage, and Node 1m Load. For more information about how to view the resource usage, see Configure a custom alert policy.

Restart a Logstash cluster or node

You can restart a cluster or node based on your business requirements. A cluster restart refers to the restart of all nodes in a cluster. A node restart refers to the restart of a single node in a cluster. The precautions and operations for a Logstash cluster or node restart are similar to those of an Elasticsearch cluster or node restart. For more information, see Restart a cluster or node.


API operation for restarting a Logstash cluster or node: RestartLogstash