The following table lists API operations available for use in Elastic IP Address (EIP). The endpoint of the EIP API is For more information, see topics related to EIP in the API reference of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

API Description
AllocateEipAddress Applies for an EIP.
AllocateEipAddressPro Applies for a specified EIP.
AllocateEipSegmentAddress Applies for a group of continuous EIPs.
AssociateEipAddress Associates an EIP with an instance in the same region.
UnassociateEipAddress Disassociates an EIP from an instance.
DescribeEipAddresses Queries the EIPs that have been created in a specified region.
DescribeEipSegment Queries groups of continuous EIPs.
DescribeEipGatewayInfo Queries gateway and subnet mask information about a specified EIP.
DescribeEipMonitorData Queries monitoring information about a specified EIP.
ModifyEipAddressAttribute Modifies the name, description, and bandwidth limit of a specified EIP.
ReleaseEipAddress Releases specified EIPs.
ReleaseEipSegmentAddress Releases a group of continuous EIPs.
MoveResourceGroup Modifies the resource group to which a specified cloud resource belongs.
ListIpGeolocations Queries the geographical locations of IP addresses.
DescribeHighDefinitionMonitorLogAttribute Queries fine-grained monitoring configurations of an EIP.