You can use the EIP cut-through mode to associate an Elastic IP Address (EIP) with an FTP server to provide FTP services. This topic takes an FTP server deployed with a Windows system as an example.


  1. Apply for an EIP.
  2. Associate the EIP with a secondary Elastic Network Interface (ENI) and select the EIP cut-through mode.
    Note Make sure that the selected secondary ENI is not associated with any ECS instance.
    For more information, see Associate an EIP with a secondary ENI in cut-through mode.
  3. Purchase an ECS instance of the Windows Server 2016 system and deploy an FTP service.
  4. On the page of EIP list, click the link of the associated ENI.
  5. On the Network Interfaces page, find the ENI associated with the EIP and click Bind to Instance to associate the ENI with the ECS instance deployed with the FTP service.


Use the EIP address associated with the ENI to access the FTP service.
Note Make sure that the security group rules of the ECS instance allow access from the Internet.