FastGPU allows you to build AI computing tasks without the need to deploy computing, storage, or network resources at the IaaS layer. You can deploy clusters in a quick manner after you make simple configurations. FastGPU can help you save time and costs.

High efficiency

  • Deploy clusters in a quick manner. You do not need to deploy resources such as computing, storage, and network resources at the IaaS layer. The time that is required to deploy a cluster is reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Manage tasks and resources in a convenient and fast manner by using interfaces and command lines.


  • You can purchase a GPU-accelerated instance after the dataset completes the preparations and triggers a training or inference task. When the training or inference task ends, the GPU-accelerated instance is automatically released. FastGPU can synchronize the resource lifecycle with tasks. This saves your costs.
  • Preemptible instances are supported.

Ease of use

  • All resources are deployed at the IaaS layer. The resources are accessible and can be debugged.
  • FastGPU meets the requirements of visualization and log management and ensures that tasks are traceable.