Elastic GPU Service provides extensive service coverage, superior computing power, extraordinary network performance, and flexible purchase methods.

  • Extensive service coverage

    Elastic GPU Service supports large-scale deployment that allows you to deploy GPU-accelerated instances in 17 regions around the world. Elastic GPU Service provides flexible delivery methods such as auto provisioning and auto scaling to help you meet the sudden demands of your business.

  • Superior computing power

    Elastic GPU Service provides GPUs that support better computing power than the computing power provided by third-party platforms. When Elastic GPU Service is used together with a high-performance CPU platform, a GPU-accelerated instance can provide mixed-precision computing performance of up to 1,000 trillion floating point operation (TFLOPS).

  • Extraordinary network performance

    GPU-accelerated instances use virtual private clouds (VPCs) that support up to 4.5 million packets per second (Mpps) and 32 Gbit/s internal bandwidth. GPU-accelerated instances can be used together with Super Computing Cluster (SCC) to provide a remote direct memory access (RDMA) network of up to 50 Gbit/s bandwidth between nodes. This way, low-latency and high-bandwidth requirements are met when you transmit data between nodes.

  • Flexible purchase methods
    Elastic GPU Service supports various billing methods, such as subscription and pay-as-you-go billing methods, preemptible instances, reserved instances, and storage capacity units (SCUs). You can select a billing method based on your business requirements to prevent inefficient use of resources.
    Note You cannot purchase reserved instances for specific GPU-accelerated instance families. For more information, see Attributes.