You can go to the Billing Management console to view the bills and consumption details of cloud desktops in Elastic Desktop Service (EDS).


  1. Log on to the EDS console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Expenses to go to the Billing Management console.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Spending Summary > Spending Summary.
  4. On the Bills page, click a tab to view specific billing information.
    • Click the Overview tab to view the overall consumption.

      You can view the billing information by service name and billing cycle. Each service has one billing record for each billing cycle.

    • Click the Bills tab to view billing information.
      You can view the billing information about each order or the billing information in each billing cycle.
      Note For pay-as-you-go resources, bills are not generated immediately after you use the resources. In most cases, the billing details that are generated during an hour can be viewed in the console 3 hours later. For example, you can view the bills that are generated from 08:00:00 to 09:00:00 at 11:00:00.
    • Click the Details tab to view consumption details.

      You can filter consumption details by statistical item and period. The consumption details include the billable items, usage, price, and deduction details of each service.

    For example, if you want to view the consumption details of cloud desktops in December 2021, you can use the conditions that are shown in the following figure to filter bills. Details tab - International site
    • You can click Customize Column Options in the upper-right corner of the billing details list and select the columns that you want to display.
    • You can click Export Billing Overview (CSV) to export the billing details to your computer. This way, you can view and analyze the billing details on your local computer.