This topic describes the terms related to Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) to help you understand and use EDS.


The following table describes the terms of major features in EDS.
Term Description
cloud desktop A virtualized desktop service to which you can connect by using a client.
workspace A collection of environment configurations for cloud desktops and includes settings such as secure office networks, user account systems, and access to the Internet. Cloud desktops are deployed in workspaces.
policy A collection of security rules that define the configurations of USB redirection, local disk mapping, read and write permissions on clipboards, watermarks, and whether to allow preemption. Policies are used to centrally manage the permissions on data transmission and peripheral access between user terminals and cloud desktops.
image Images are used to deploy cloud desktop environments and contain operating systems, pre-installed software, and deployed business or application data.
desktop template Desktop templates are used to create cloud desktops and contain image information and desktop specifications such as the number of vCPUs and sizes of memory, system disks, and data disks.
AD domain server Active Directory (AD) domain servers are AD domain controllers that have active directories installed. AD domain servers are used to manage interactions within domains, including user logons and authentication.
DNS server Domain Name System (DNS) servers store the domain names and corresponding IP addresses of all hosts on the network and convert domain names into IP addresses.
AD Connector AD connectors are used to connect EDS to the components of enterprise AD systems and register enterprise AD systems with EDS to synchronize information about AD accounts and permissions.

Other related services

Term Description References
VPC A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a private network established on Alibaba Cloud. VPCs are logically isolated from each other. When you create a workspace, the system creates a secure office network by using VPCs. What is a VPC?
CEN Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a highly available network built on the global private network of Alibaba Cloud. You can use CEN to establish private network connections between VPCs in different regions or between VPCs and on-premises networks. If mutual connectivity is required between cloud desktops in different workspaces or between cloud desktops and on-premises networks, you can attach the workspace networks and on-premises networks to CEN instances to implement connectivity. What is CEN?
Apsara File Storage NAS Apsara File Storage NAS is a distributed file system provided by Alibaba Cloud that delivers shared access and scalability. If you want to share files between cloud desktops, you can use NAS file systems to store and share data. What is Apsara File Storage NAS?
Security Center Security Center is a centralized security management system that dynamically identifies and analyzes security threats, and generates alerts when threats are detected. It provides security protection features such as antivirus and web tamper proofing. You can enable the security protection feature for cloud desktops to suit your needs. The antivirus feature and vulnerability detection and fixing feature provided by Security Center enhance the security of cloud desktops. What is Security Center?