The following tables list the API operations available for use in Elastic Desktop Service (EDS).

Cloud desktops

Operation Description
CreateDesktops Creates one or more cloud desktops.
DescribeDesktops Queries the details of one or more cloud desktop types.
DescribeDesktopTypes Queries the details of cloud desktop types.
RebootDesktops Restarts one or more cloud desktops.
StartDesktops Starts one or more cloud desktops that are stopped.
StopDesktops Stops one or more cloud desktops that are running.
RebuildDesktops Rebuilds cloud desktops.
ModifyDesktopSpec Modifies the configurations of a cloud desktop. You can call this operation to modify vCPUs and memory specifications, as well as resize disks.
ModifyDesktopName Changes the name of a cloud desktop.
ModifyEntitlement Reassigns users to a cloud desktop.
RenewDesktops Renews one or more subscription cloud desktops.
DeleteDesktops Releases one or more cloud desktops.


Operation Description
CreateSimpleOfficeSite Creates a workspace of the convenience account type.
CreateADConnectorOfficeSite Creates a workspace of the enterprise AD account type.
ModifyADConnectorOfficeSite Modifies an AD workspace.
ModifyOfficeSiteCrossDesktopAccess Enables cross-desktop access in a workspace.
ModifyOfficeSiteAttribute Modifies workspace properties.
ModifyOfficeSiteMfaEnabled Enables or disables multi-factor authentication (MFA) for a workspace.
ListOfficeSiteOverview Queries the basic information about a workspace.
DescribeOfficeSites Queries the details of one or more workspaces.
DeleteOfficeSites Deletes one or more workspaces.

AD users

Operation Description
ListOfficeSiteUsers Queries the details about AD users in an AD workspace after the workspace is connected to the enterprise AD system.
DescribeVirtualMFADevices Queries a virtual multi-factor authentication (MFA) device that is bound to AD users.
LockVirtualMFADevice Locks a virtual MFA device that is in the NORMAL state.
UnlockVirtualMFADevice Unlocks a virtual MFA device that is in the LOCKED state.
DeleteVirtualMFADevice Deletes a virtual MFA device.

Convenience users

Operation Description
CreateUsers Creates one or more convenience users.
DescribeUsers Queries the information about convenience users.
LockUsers Locks one or more convenience users.
UnlockUsers Unlocks one or more convenience users.
ResetUserPassword Resets the password for one or more convenience users. If you call this operation, a token that is used to reset the password is generated, and a password reset email that includes the token is sent to the mailbox of the convenience user.
RemoveUsers Deletes one or more convenience users.


Operation Description
CreatePolicyGroup Creates policies.
DescribePolicyGroups Queries the details of policies.
ModifyDesktopsPolicyGroup Modifies the policies that are configured for a cloud desktop.
ModifyPolicyGroup Modifies policies.
ClonePolicyGroup Clones an existing policy.
DeletePolicyGroups Deletes one or more policies.


Operation Description
CreateImage Creates a custom image.
DescribeImages Queries the details of images.
ModifyImageAttribute Modifies the properties of an image.
DeleteImages Deletes one or more custom images.

Desktop templates

Operation Description
CreateBundle Creates a cloud desktop template.
DescribeBundles Queries the details about desktop templates.
ModifyBundle Modifies a desktop template.
DeleteBundles Deletes one or more custom desktop templates.


Operation Description
CreateNetworkPackage Creates an Internet access package to enable users to access the Internet from cloud desktops in a workspace.
DescribeNetworkPackages Queries the details about one or more Internet access packages.
ModifyNetworkPackage Modifies the maximum public bandwidth for an Internet access package.
DeleteNetworkPackages Deletes one or more Internet access packages to disable Internet access.
AttachCen Attaches the secure office network of a workspace to a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance.
DetachCen Detaches the secure office network of a workspace from a CEN instance.
DescribeCens Queries the details about all CEN instances within an Alibaba Cloud account.


Operation Description
CreateNASFileSystem Creates an Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS) file system.
DescribeNASFileSystems Queries the details about a NAS file system.
ModifyNASDefaultMountTarget Modifies the mount target of a NAS file system.
ResetNASDefaultMountTarget Resets the mount target of a NAS file system.
DeleteNASFileSystems Deletes one or more NAS file systems.


Operation Description
CreateSnapshot Creates a snapshot for the system disk or data disk of a cloud desktop.
DescribeSnapshots Queries the details about a snapshot or all snapshots of a cloud desktop.
ResetSnapshot Restores the data of a disk from a snapshot.
DeleteSnapshot Deletes one or more snapshots.


Operation Description
DescribeGroupedVul Queries the details about the vulnerabilities that are detected in cloud desktops within a workspace.
DescribeVulList Queries the information about detected vulnerabilities in a workspace.
DescribeVulDetails Queries the details about a vulnerability.
DescribeFrontVulPatchList Queries the vulnerabilities that need to be fixed before the current vulnerabilities can be fixed.
DescribeDesktopIdsByVulNames Queries the cloud desktops in which vulnerabilities are detected.
OperateVuls Performs an action on multiple vulnerabilities at a time.
ModifyOperateVul Performs an action on detected vulnerabilities. You can fix, verify, or ignore the vulnerabilities.
DescribeVulOverview Queries the basic information about pending vulnerabilities, including the number of vulnerabilities with different priorities.
StartVirusScanTask Starts a virus scan task.
DescribeScanTaskProgress Queries the progress of a virus scan task.
DescribeSuspEventOverview Queries the number of alerts by severity level in a region.
DescribeSuspEvents Queries the details about exceptions.
DescribeAlarmEventStackInfo Queries the details about an alert.
DescribeSecurityEventOperations Queries operations that can be performed to handle alerts.
HandleSecurityEvents Handles multiple alerts at a time.
DescribeSecurityEventOperationStatus Queries the processing status of an alert.
DescribeSuspEventQuaraFiles Queries the quarantined files in the quarantine panel.
RollbackSuspEventQuaraFile Restores the quarantined files.


Operation Description
DescribeRegions Queries the regions where EDS is available.
DescribeZones Queries the zones where EDS is available in a region.


Operation Description
DescribeClientEvents Queries the operation logs of users.

Cloud Assistant

Operation Description
RunCommand Runs a PowerShell or bat command on one or more cloud desktops.
StopInvocation Stops a Cloud Assistant command that is running on one or more cloud desktops.
DescribeInvocations Queries the execution list and status of Cloud Assistant commands.


Operation Description
TagResources Creates tags and adds the tags to resources.
ListTagResources Queries the tags that are added to a specific resource.
UntagResources Removes tags from a specific cloud desktop.

SSO settings

Operation Description
SetOfficeSiteSsoStatus Enables or disables single sign-on (SSO) for a workspace.
GetOfficeSiteSsoStatus Queries whether SSO is enabled for a workspace.
GetSpMetadata Queries the metadata of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0-based service providers (SPs).
SetIdpMetadata Queries the metadata of SAML 2.0-based identity providers (IdPs).