Cloud desktops are deployed inside workspaces. Inside a workspace, you can configure cloud desktop settings such as secure office networks and user account systems. User account systems are classified into enterprise Active Directory (AD) accounts and convenience accounts. Convenience accounts are dedicated user accounts for Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) and are suitable for scenarios in which AD is not required. This topic describes how to create a workspace of the convenience account type.

Background information

A workspace in which cloud desktops are deployed is a collection of environment configurations. For more information, see Workspace overview.


  1. Log on to the EDS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Overview.
  3. On the Overview page, click Create workspace.
  4. In the Configure Secure Office Network step, configure the network parameters and click Next: Configure Account System.
    The following table describes the parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Select region The region in which you want to create a workspace. For more information about the available regions and limits, see Regions.
    Workspace name The name of the workspace. We recommend that you use an identifiable name to facilitate future management. The naming conventions are described in the parameter field.
    IPv4 CIDR block The IPv4 CIDR block that the system uses to create a virtual private cloud (VPC). We recommend that you specify the IPv4 CIDR block as,,, or a subnet of these CIDR blocks. If you specify the IPv4 CIDR block as or, the mask is 12 to 24 bits in length. If you specify the IPv4 CIDR block as, the mask is 16 to 24 bits in length.
    Note When you create a cloud desktop in the workspace, the system assigns IP addresses from the specified CIDR block to the cloud desktop. Specify a CIDR block based on your business requirements, and make sure that the number of available IP addresses in the CIDR block can meet the requirements for creating cloud desktops. The greater the value of the mask length, the fewer the number of IP addresses contained in the workspace, and the fewer cloud desktops that can be created in the workspace. If you want to join the workspace to a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance, you must specify an appropriate CIDR block to avoid CIDR block conflicts between the workspace and other network instances in the CEN instance.
    Connection Method The connection method for the cloud desktop. Valid values:
    • Internet: allows clients to connect to cloud desktops only over the Internet.
    • VPC: allows clients to connect to cloud desktops only over a VPC.
    • Internet and VPC: allows clients to connect to cloud desktops over the Internet or a VPC. You can select a connection method when you use a client to connect to a cloud desktop.
    Note The VPC connection method is provided by Alibaba Cloud PrivateLink. You are not charged for using PrivateLink. If you set Connection Method to VPC or Internet and VPC, PrivateLink is activated.
    Cloud Enterprise Network Specifies whether to join the workspace to a CEN instance. If you select Join, select a CEN instance in your account or in another Alibaba Cloud account. For more information, see Attach a workspace VPC to or detach a workspace VPC from a CEN instance.
    Note If you want to connect to your cloud desktops over VPCs, you must select Join. When the on-premises network connects to the cloud over Smart Access Gateway (SAG), Express Connect, or VPN Gateway, ensure that the VPCs must be associated with the same CEN instance.
  5. In the Configure Account System step, set Account Type to Convenience account, and click Create workspace now.


After the workspace is created, you can view the workspace on the Overview page. You can click the workspace ID to view details about the workspace.