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Use savings plans

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

If you run long-term online applications, we recommend that you use savings plans to offset the bills of elastic container instances. This topic describes how to use savings plans to offset the bills of long-term elastic container instances.

Purchase savings plans

A savings plan is a discount plan that allows you to receive billing discounts in exchange for a commitment to use a consistent amount(measured in USD/hour) of resources over a one-year or three-year period. After you purchase a savings plan, the hourly bills of your pay-as-you-go instances are covered up to the amount of the plan. For more information, see Overview.

Before you purchase a savings plan, take note of the following items:

  • Limits on using savings plans to offset the bills of elastic container instances

    Savings plans can be divided into the general-purpose and ECS compute types. ECS compute savings plans can be used to offset the bills only of elastic container instances created by using specified ECS instance types. General-purpose savings plans are not limited.


    We recommend that you purchase general-purpose savings plans. This way, you do not need to consider limits such as regions and instance families and can enjoy higher flexibility.

  • Hourly commitment

    Savings plans offset the bills of your elastic container instances. When a hourly bill is being calculated, resource usage within your commitment is calculated and deducted based on the savings plan discount. Resource usage beyond your commitment is billed at the regular pay-as-you-go unit price.

    For example, the hourly bill of your elastic container instance is USD 10/hour. You want to purchase a three-year general-purpose savings plan by using the All Upfront payment option. The discount is 54.5% off. When you purchase the corresponding savings plan, the hourly commitment is USD 4.55 (10 × 0.455 = 4.55) to offset the bills of the elastic container instance.


    The prices used in this example are for demonstration only. For the actual prices and discounts, see the Discount Details page.

You can learn more information and purchase savings plans on the Savings Plan page in the ECS console. You can choose the recommended solutions or calculate by yourself based on your business needs.

  • If you want to optimize the costs of existing elastic container instances, you can go to the Recommended page for system recommendations.

  • If you have no existing elastic container instances, you can calculate bills of an elastic container instance and then calculate the hourly commitment based on the discount. Then, you can go to the Savings Plan page to purchase savings plans.

For more information, see Purchase and apply savings plans.

View deduction information of a savings plan

After you purchase a savings plan, the system matches the savings plan with elastic container instances to offset bills. You do not need to manually match the resources. You can view the deduction information of the savings plan in the Billing Management console.

  • View bills of elastic container instances

    On the Bills page, click the Details tab. Then, you can view the consumption details by elastic container instance. For the fees of elastic container instances that are offset by savings plans, no bills are generated.

  • View the effect of savings plans

    On the Overview and Discount Details pages of savings plans, you can view information such as overview, details, usage, and coverage of savings plans.