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:You cannot access websites that run on ECS instances

Last Updated:Jun 08, 2021


This article describes the solution to why you cannot access websites running on ECS instances.


There are many symptoms that lead to website failures running on ECS instances. You can solve these problems by using any of the following methods:

Choose a solution based on the phenomenon of the problem

The following is a list of common problems, please select based on your actual situation on site:

  • When the system prompts "not filed or not accessed" or "the website content does not conform to the filing information."
    Whether a website is used to provide external services through an IP address or a domain name, the website cannot be accessed until an ICP filing is obtained. You must apply for an ICP filing for the IP address or domain name of your website. For more information, see ICP filing for general website.
  • Unable to log in to the pagodas panel
    It may be that the pagodas service is not running or no security group rule with port 8888 has been added. For more information, see unable to log in to the pagodas panel.
  • The browser prompts "403", "404", "502", "503" and other digital errors.
    If the browser displays a digital error message, the network between the client and the server is normal, but the website resource or backend service is abnormal. For more information, see display browser errors.
  • This is the first time you build a website and the website cannot be accessed.
    Make sure that you follow the standard website building process. For more information about the standard site building procedure, see basics for building a website.
  • Website access failure during continuous operation
    In this case, you must check the ECS instance status, Web service, and backend database separately.
    • Check the ECS instance status
      You can use the ECS self-diagnostic tool to check and then follow the prompts in the diagnostic results. For more information.
    • Checks the Web service or backend database.
      Make sure that the Web service and backend databases are running. If not, check the log and fix it based on the error information in the log.
      • Generally, the log file name of a website server is access.log or error.log. For more information, see the official website of the website server.
      • Exceptions to backend services such as PHP, Java, Tomcat, and database may result in the failure to access the website. Please contact your website administrator for further assistance.

  • The website of an ECS instance cannot be accessed through SLB.
    When the ECS instance runs server load balancer (SLB) at the frontend, the problem is that the SLB instance listening policy is incorrectly set. For more information, see unable to access the website of the ECS instance through SLB.
  • You cannot access the CDN-accelerated website.
    You need to determine whether the problem is caused by the Origin itself. For more information, see unable to access the website after CDN acceleration.
  • Can be accessed during the black hole period by Web Application Firewall (WAF) of the website to be protected and the
    You need to determine whether or not the source station itself, and then determines whether WAF error interception, for more information, see remove permission from can be accessed during the black hole period by Web Application Firewall (WAF) of the website to be protected and the.
  • The website on the Cloud Web Hosting is inaccessible.
    If you are not using an ECS instance but Cloud Web Hosting, you need to troubleshoot the Cloud Web Hosting. For more information.

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