Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) provides public templates for common O&M tasks to meet your O&M requirements and reduce your time costs in developing templates. This topic describes how to view the information of a public template to understand its execution process and impact.


  1. Log on to the OOS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Public Templates.
  3. On the Public Templates page, find the template that you want to view and click its name.
    You can filter templates by category or enter a template name to search for the template. For example, enter ACS-ECS-CreateAndCopyImage to search for the public template that is used to create custom images and copy them to other regions. ACS-ECS-CreateAndCopyImage
  4. On the Process Configuration tab, view the parameters, task steps, and output of the template.
    Parameters are the information that you can specify to create an execution for the template. Output is the information returned after an execution of the template is complete. The task steps define the O&M operations that make up the template execution process. During an execution of this template, task steps are completed or skipped based on the parameter settings. For example, if you did not specify the Copy to Other Region parameter when you created an execution for the ACS-ECS-CreateAndCopyImage template, the step to copy the created image to other regions is skipped during the execution.
    You can click the YAML or JSON tab to view the detailed code of the template. template-info