Polkit memory leaks may occur in specific versions of Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 operating systems. This topic provides a solution to this issue.

Problem description

In the following versions of Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 operating systems, polkit memory leaks may occur and cause the memory usage to exceed 14 GiB.
  • Image versions earlier than aliyun_2_1903_x64_20G_alibase_20211216.vhd.
  • Kernel versions earlier than 4.19.91-25.1.al7.x86_64.


Memory leaks may occur in polkit. This issue has been fixed in the later versions of open source polkit. This issue is fixed as of polkit-0.112-26.2.al7. For more information, see Fix a memory leak on agent authentication cancellation.


Run the following command to update polkit to polkit-0.112-26.2.al7:
yum update polkit