You can subscribe to notifications for snapshot creation events.

Snapshot creation

After a snapshot is created for a disk, ECS sends you a notification to indicate whether the operation succeeded. Example:

  "ver": "1.0",
  "id": "2256A988-0B26-4E2B-820A-8A********E5",
  "product": "ECS",
  "resourceId": "acs:ecs:cn-hangzhou:169070********30:snapshot/s-bp1fis********b859b3",
  "level": "INFO",
  "name": "Snapshot:CreateSnapshotCompleted",
  "userId": "169070********30",
  "eventTime": "20190409T121826.922+0800",
  "regionId": "cn-hangzhou",
  "content": {
    "result": "accomplished",
    "snapshotId": "s-bp1fis********b859b3",
    "snapshotName": "test-snapshot",
    "snapshotType": "user",
    "diskId": "d-bp1bwa********9ol4mi",
    "startTime": "2019-04-22T08:36:09Z",
    "endTime": "2019-04-22T08:37:11Z"
The following table describes the subparameters contained in the content parameter.
Subparameter Description Example
result The operation result. Valid values:
  • accomplished: Snapshot creation succeeded.
  • failed: Snapshot creation failed.
snapshotId The ID of the snapshot. s-bp1fis********b859b3
snapshotName The name of the snapshot. test-snapshot
snapshotType The type of the snapshot. Valid values:
  • user: manual snapshots
  • timer: snapshots that are created as scheduled
  • copied: copied snapshots
  • imported: imported snapshots
diskId The ID of the disk. d-bp1bwa********9ol4mi
startTime The time when the snapshot starts to be created. The time is in UTC. 2019-04-22T08:36:09Z
endTime The time when the snapshot finishes being created. The time is in UTC. 2019-04-22T08:37:11Z