This topic describes how to enroll in the Red Hat Cloud Access program to run your Red Hat product subscriptions on Alibaba Cloud.


  1. Log on to the official Red Hat website by using your Red Hat account.
    Click Red Hat website to visit the official Red Hat website.
  2. Go to the Red Hat Cloud Access page and click Get started.
    Click Access page to go to the Red Hat Cloud Access page.
  3. Click Subscription eligibility in the Top Resources section to verify whether you are eligible for Red Hat Cloud Access.
    Click Verifying eligibility for Cloud Access to review subscription eligibility guidelines.
  4. Click the Enable and use your own images link in the Enable and use your subscriptions in the cloud section.
    Click Enroll with Use your own image to enable and use your own images.
  5. In the Register Image dialog box, set the following parameters:
    • Cloud Provider: Select Alibaba Cloud.
    • Cloud Provider Account: Enter the ID of your Alibaba Cloud account.

      You can choose Account Management > Basic Information in the ECS console to view your account ID.

    • Quantity: Specify the number of images.
    Register Image
  6. Click Submit to register the images with Alibaba Cloud ECS.