Tomcat is a free, open source Java web server used for web development. It can host Java web applications that consist of Java Servlets, JavaServer pages (dynamic content), HTML pages, JavaScript, style sheets, and pictures (static content).

You can deploy a Java web environment by using one of the following methods:

  • Manually deploy the environment

    This method is applicable to users who have basic knowledge of Linux commands. You can manually install and configure a Java web environment. For more information, see Manually deploy a Java web environment on an instance that runs CentOS 7.

  • Use Cloud ToolKit

    Alibaba Cloud Toolkit for Eclipse (Cloud ToolKit) is a free plug-in that can be used within an integrated development environment (IDE). It helps developers deploy applications that are suitable for running on the cloud. After you develop, debug, and test an application on your local PC, you can use this plug-in to deploy the application on an ECS instance.

    For information about how to deploy a Java web environment by using Eclipse, see Deploy a Java Web environment by using an Eclipse plug-in.