The default version of curl for Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 is 7.29.0. If your business requires a later version of curl, you can install and enable curl-7.61.1 by performing the operations described in this topic.

Background information

To avoid incompatibility issues, Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 does not support curl upgrades within the system but provides a way to install and enable the version of curl-7.61.1.


  1. Run the following command to install the Alibaba Cloud experimentals repository:
    sudo yum install -y alinux-release-experimentals
  2. Run the following commands in sequence to install curl and its dependency:
    1. Install curl.
      sudo yum install -y httpd24-curl
    2. Install the curl dependency httpd24-libcurl-devel.
      sudo yum install -y httpd24-libcurl-devel
  3. Run the following command to enable curl:
    source /opt/rh/httpd24/enable
  4. Run the following command to check the version of curl:
    curl --version
    The command output shown in the following figure indicates that curl-7.61.1 is installed. al2-curl