Community images are publicly available. Custom images can be published as community images for other users to obtain and use.


You must sign the Product Terms, Terms of Use, and Membership Agreement before you can use a community image. Community images are only available in the US (Virginia) and US (Silicon Valley) regions. If you want to use a community image in other regions, submit a ticket.

The process related to managing a community image involves three parties.Community imageWhere,
  • Alibaba Cloud: provides the platform where community images are published and managed by vendors.
  • Vendor: provides custom images and publishes them as community images.
  • Image user: uses community images.

Related operations

The following table describes the operations related to managing community images.
Operation Limit Reference
Publish a community image You can publish a custom image that is in the Available state as a community image. Publish a community image
Search for a community image You can search for a specific community image by specifying the name, ID, or owner ID of the community image. Then, you can use the community image to create Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. Search for a community image
Use a community image You can use a community image to quickly deploy ECS instances whose operating systems, applications, and data suit your business needs. Use a community image
Unpublish a community image When you want to update or stop maintaining the image, you can unpublish a published community image . Unpublish a community image