This topic describes the API behavior when your resource is locked due to security concerns.

API behavior

When OperationLocks in the response returned for an instance by the DescribeInstances operation contains LockReason: security, the instance is locked for security reasons.

Note If a disk on the instance is in the In_use state, the behavior of API operations related to the disk is subject to the OperationLocks settings of the instance. If the disk is in another state, the OperationLocks settings can be ignored.

In the following table, Normal logic indicates that the operation is called and the result is returned.

Operation Behavior
AllocatePublicIpAddress Error
AttachDisk Error
AuthorizeSecurityGroup Normal logic
CreateDisk Normal logic
CreateImage Normal logic
CreateInstance Error
CreateSecurityGroup Normal logic
CreateSnapshot Returns an error only when the disk is attached to the instance and is in the In_use state.
DeleteDisk Normal logic
DeleteImage Normal logic
DeleteInstance Normal logic
DeleteSecurityGroup Normal logic
DeleteSnapshot Normal logic
DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicy Normal logic
DescribeDisks Normal logic
DescribeImages Normal logic
DescribeInstances Normal logic
DescribeInstanceStatus Normal logic
DescribeInstanceTypes Normal logic
DescribeInstanceMonitorData Normal logic
DescribeRegions Normal logic
DescribeSecurityGroupAttribute Normal logic
DescribeSecurityGroups Normal logic
DescribeSnapshotAttribute Normal logic
DescribeSnapshots Normal logic
DescribeZones Normal logic
DetachDisk Error
JoinSecurityGroup Error
LeaveSecurityGroup Error
ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicy Normal logic
ModifyDiskAttribute Normal logic
ModifyInstanceAttribute Error
RebootInstance Error
  • Returns an error when the disk is in the In_use state.
  • Normal logic when the disk is in another state.
ReplaceSystemDisk Normal logic
ResetDisk Error
RevokeSecurityGroup Normal logic
StartInstance Error
StopInstance Error