Alibaba Cloud announces the end of sale (EOS) of Shared Block Storage (public preview). The last day you can purchase Shared Block Storage is on June 30, 2022. After that, if you want to share a single block storage device among multiple Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, you can use the multi-attach feature provided by Elastic Block Storage (EBS) instead. This feature has been released for commercial use and is supported by all enhanced SSDs (ESSDs).

EOS content

Alibaba Cloud announces EOS for Shared Block Storage on June 30, 2022. For more information about the multi-attach feature, see Enable multi-attach.

EOS Date

June 30, 2022

EOS impacts

  • Alibaba Cloud Shared Block Storage is no longer for sale after June 30, 2022.
  • The usage of existing Shared Block Storage devices is not affected, and they can be resized as usual.