EIP bandwidth plans support the pay-as-you-go billing method.

Billing method

EIP bandwidth plans support only the pay-as-you-go billing method, which allows you to use resources before you pay for them. Take note of the following items about pay-as-you-go EIP bandwidth plans:

Billable item

The following figure shows the billable items of an EIP bandwidth plan.
Billable itemDescriptionBilling method
Data transfer feeYou are charged based on the data transfer over the Internet per hour. Pay-by-data-transfer

Billing cycle

The following table demonstrates the billing cycles of an EIP bandwidth plan.
Billing cycleFee deduction time and bill generation timeBillable item
HourlyA bill is generated 1 hour after the end of a billing cycle. The time when bills are generated is determined by the system. Data transfer fees that are incurred by a pay-by-data-transfer EIP bandwidth plan


For more information about the pricing for the billable items of an EIP bandwidth plan, see Pay-by-data-transfer. The prices on the buy page should prevail.