Queries the attributes of one or more deployment sets.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes DescribeDeploymentSets

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribeDeploymentSets.

RegionId String Yes cn-hangzhou

The region ID of the deployment set. You can call the DescribeRegions operation to query the most recent region list.

PageNumber Integer No 1

The number of the page to return.

Pages start from page 1.

Default value: 1.

PageSize Integer No 10

The number of entries to return on each page.

Maximum value: 50.

Default value: 10.

DeploymentSetIds String No ["ds-bp67acfmxazb4ph****", "ds-bp67acfmxazb4pi****", … "ds-bp67acfmxazb4pj****"]

The IDs of deployment sets. The value can be a JSON array that consists of up to 100 deployment set IDs in the format of ["ds-xxxxxxxxx", "ds-yyyyyyyyy", … "ds-zzzzzzzzz"]. Separate multiple deployment set IDs with commas (,).

Strategy String No Availability

The deployment strategy. Valid values:

  • Availability: high availability strategy.
  • AvailabilityGroup: high availability group strategy.
DeploymentSetName String No testDeploymentSetName

The name of the deployment set. The name must be 2 to 128 characters in length. It must start with a letter and cannot start with http:// or https://. It can contain letters, digits, colons (:), underscores (_), and hyphens (-).

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
PageSize Integer 1

The number of entries returned per page.

PageNumber Integer 1

The page number of the returned page.

RequestId String 473469C7-AA6F-4DC5-B3DB-A3DC0DE3C83E

The ID of the request.

TotalCount Integer 1

The total number of deployment sets returned.

RegionId String cn-hangzhou

The region ID of the deployment set.

DeploymentSets Array of DeploymentSet

Details about the deployment sets.

CreationTime String 2021-12-07T06:01:46Z

The time when the deployment set was created.

Strategy String LooseDispersion

The deployment strategy.

DeploymentSetId String ds-bp67acfmxazb4ph****

The ID of the deployment set.

DeploymentStrategy String Availability

The deployment strategy. The value of this response parameter is that of the Strategy request parameter.

DeploymentSetDescription String testDeploymentSetDescription

The description of the deployment set.

Domain String default

The deployment domain.

GroupCount Integer 3

The number of deployment set groups in the deployment set.

Note This parameter is valid only when the Strategy request parameter is set to AvailabilityGroup.
Granularity String host

The deployment granularity.

DeploymentSetName String testDeploymentSetName

The name of the deployment set.

InstanceAmount Integer 3

The number of instances in the deployment set.

InstanceIds Array of String ["i-bp67acfmxazb4ph****","i-bp67acfmxazb4pi****","i-bp67acfmxazb4pj****"]

The IDs of the instances in the deployment set.

Capacities Array of Capacity

Details of the capacities of the deployment set. This parameter is valid only when the deployment set contains Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. The value contains the capacities of the deployment set in different zones.

ZoneId String cn-hangzhou-i

The ID of the zone. Only the zone IDs of existing ECS instances in the deployment set are returned.

UsedAmount Integer 2

The number of ECS instances that belong to the zone in the deployment set.

AvailableAmount Integer 18

The number of ECS instances that can be added to the deployment set within the zone.


Sample requests

&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK


JSON format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  "DeploymentSets" : {
    "DeploymentSet" : {
      "CreationTime" : "2021-12-07T06:01:46Z",
      "Granularity" : "host",
      "DeploymentSetDescription" : "testDeploymentSetDescription",
      "Domain" : "default",
      "InstanceIds" : {
        "InstanceId" : [ "i-bp67acfmxazb4ph****", "i-bp67acfmxazb4pi****", "i-bp67acfmxazb4pj****" ]
      "InstanceAmount" : 3,
      "Strategy" : "LooseDispersion",
      "DeploymentSetName" : "testDeploymentSetName",
      "DeploymentStrategy" : "Availability",
      "DeploymentSetId" : "ds-bp67acfmxazb4ph****",
      "capacities" : {
        "Capacity" : [ {
          "UsedAmount" : 1,
          "ZoneId" : "cn-hangzhou-h",
          "AvailableAmount" : 19
        }, {
          "UsedAmount" : 2,
          "ZoneId" : "cn-hangzhou-i",
          "AvailableAmount" : 18
        } ]
  "PageNumber" : 1,
  "TotalCount" : 1,
  "PageSize" : 1,
  "RegionId" : "cn-hangzhou",
  "RequestId" : "473469C7-AA6F-4DC5-B3DB-A3DC0DE3C83E"

Error codes

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
403 InvalidDeploymentSetIds.TooManyInput The parameter DeploymentSets size should less than 100. The error message returned because the number of specified deployment sets exceeds 100.

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.