This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Kudu.

Where do I view the log files of Kudu?

View the log files of Kudu in the /mnt/disk1/log/kudu directory.

What are the partitioning methods supported by Kudu?

Kudu supports range partitioning and hash partitioning. You can use the two partitioning methods together. For more information, see Apache Kudu Schema Design.

How do I access the web UI of Kudu?

Kudu is not integrated with Knox. You cannot use Knox to access the web UI of Kudu. You can create an SSH tunnel to access the web UI of Kudu. For more information, see Create an SSH tunnel to access web UIs of open source components.

What do I do if the error message "NonRecoverableException" appears on the Kudu client?

The following error information appears:
org.apache.kudu.client.NonRecoverableException: Could not connect to a leader master. Client configured with 1 master(s) ( but cluster indicates it expects 3 master(s) (,,

This issue occurs because three master nodes are required, but only one master node is deployed. To resolve this issue, deploy all the required master nodes, and connect the Kudu client to the primary master node.